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the_of_delusion's Journal

The Truth
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The community centers around the deluded randomness of it's members. Enjoy.
No one will be told about this community, at least by me.
I will post approximately once a week, more if I am bored.
This is an experiment, to see how many people will join by randomly finding this community in the dregs of Livejournal.
So, join us.
alien donuts, antarctica, bon bons, books, champagne, cheese, classic literature, classic rock, coca-cola, darned socks, entities, faces, grippers, hannibal lecter, hot spots, ingenuity, jumping jacks, kurt vonnegut, led zeppelin, marlon brando, music, nope, orifices, pickels, quantum physics, radiohead, rasputina, russia, ryan, ryan's deranged hobo, ryan's gall bladder, ryan's kidney stone, ryan's pants, ryan's soul, ryan's world, sufjan stephens, surreallism, tears in fabric, trance, unclean oars, vinyl, waterfalls, weird, xylophone tantra, yardsticks, zen